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Most businesses nowadays that have a some sort of physical store presence tend to spend thousands of pounds on making sure that their shop design is made to accommodate their target market. Doing this means that they are appealing to the people who are more likely to but their products. For example, a trainer shop may try to have sleek surfaces with contemporary  looking furniture, where as a bath soaps stores may try to make the store feel more homely with wooden furniture.

Extra information about shop design

Engaging Customers

A lot of businesses will also pay a lot of money to make sure their shop is in a prime location within a shopping centre. This means that for those who don't get the 'prime spots' they, in theory will have to make sure that their shop design is perfect for their audience, and engaging enough to hopefully attract new customers.

History Can Effect The Future

It's not just about try to attract the target audience, a lot of businesses who have chain stores then to have a continuous theme that runs through all of their stores. This means that the whenever anybody who is familiar with their brand walks into one of their stores, they will instantly know where they are and their store experience they'll get as a result. Other businesses use the familiar theme in their stores because it that theme has a historical value with the brand, an example of this could be Levis, their stores have a wooden, 1950's feel to them. This is because this was around the time when the brand Levis began to get popular.